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Time And Zero Farming – Subash Khanal


Time And Zero Farming

People who are taking pictures of age
Suddenly followed by fear of death
It was not just a short story of a thriller movie

In the raw wind blowing towards the settlement
There was smell of terror
There was no such thing before

People were living excitedly under the guise of hypnosis
And were making respectively
The mountain of ego that cannot be climbed
The horizon of ambition that cannot be reached by flying

All of a sudden
The speed of time stopped

But there
Just like before
In the silence, the lizards are screaming
The owl have their own regularity
The diary of scorpion palms has not changed
Mosquitoes are moving at the same speed
The snakes are still alive

Instead, in this period
Were there people?
The most poisonous
And time is taking revenge.

Slippery insects are stuck in power
To their saliva
Translator of them to remember a little bit of nectar
Telling the opposite story

The time is slipping away like a worm

Those who walked to the next horizon
Stopped in the middle

But the roads are still paved
Who wants to bring people away
The sky is open everywhere
Who wants to say to the man – go beyond the perimeter
The wind is blowing
The river is flowing
Who are teaching people the definition of speed

Remembering their old days
With crunchy face
Is sitting in the corner of destiny
And doing – zero farming

By sticking the identity of the ‘people’ caste
Me – a man is reading another chapter of helplessness.

I still haven’t given up dreaming.

Subas Khanal

सम्बन्धित शीर्षक

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